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Job Summary
Clark County Community Development is currently seeking a Civil Engineer to joins its Development Engineering team. The 11-person team is seeking a engineer to perform a variety of technical work in the review of land development proposals in the county

Engineer II

The employees occupying the positions of this class are responsible for performing and resolving technical and complex civil engineering tasks and problems within the framework of broad engineering and administrative guidelines.

The Engineer II position is the second step in a career progression that begins with Engineer I and ends with Engineer III. Engineer II employees perform tasks with limited supervision and require substantial use of independent judgment within the scope of advanced engineering assignments. Engineer I employees perform basic engineer work under the supervision of an administrative supervisor. Engineer III employees manage the more technical engineering projects and are Certified Professional Engineers.

Engineer III

This is professional level engineering work for the Department of Community Development. Within general parameters established by management, the employees occupying positions of this class perform complex technical work in a specialized phase of engineering.

The Engineer III requires specialized knowledge in an area of engineering and requires the use of independent judgment to resolve complex or unique problems. To progress to the Engineer III level the employee must become a Certified Professional Engineer. This is the third step in a career progression that starts at the Engineer I level. Those at the Engineer I level perform routine civil engineering tasks and resolve problems by working within established guidelines whereas Engineer II employees resolve more technical and complex civil engineering tasks working within the framework of broad engineering guidelines.

This position is open to a range of possible career experiences and can be underfilled as an Engineer II position.

Engineer positions are represented by PROTEC17, Professional and Technical Employees.

Please note: This position does have the option of a hybrid remote work schedule; however, the candidate selected MUST reside in Washington or Oregon only. No exceptions.


Engineer II

• B.S. degree in Civil or related Engineering and two (2) years experience in an Engineering I classification or equivalent.

– OR –

• High School diploma or G.E.D. and four (4) years relative engineering work experience to include a minimum of two (2) years experience in an Engineering I classification or equivalent and possession of an E.I.T. certification.


Engineer III

• B.S. degree in Civil or related engineering and two (2) years of experience in an Engineer II or equivalent position and registration as a professional civil or structural engineer.

– AND –

• Possess or be able to obtain a valid driver’s license by date of appointment.


Knowledge of: Principles and practices of civil engineering and of the physical sciences (hydraulics, mechanics, etc.) involved; modern and efficient engineering methods and techniques in the design, construction and maintenance of facilities; project management, including planning, scheduling, monitoring, and problem solving;  Knowledge of the application and interpretation of County regulatory codes, state regulatory and legislative requirements, court decisions and Attorney Generals opinions concerning the wide variety of engineering functions; departmental policies and procedures, work standards and codes applicable to the job.


Ability to: Establish and maintain effective working relationships with engineering and planning staff, contractors, and the public; read and interpret complex plans and specifications and to become familiar with engineering standards; perform highly technical research work and to give reliable advice on difficult engineering problems; interpret and utilize complex engineering plans, maps, specifications and reports, and to maintain orderly, accurate engineering records; review complex and difficult engineering computations ; inspect and provide direction to technicians inspecting the work of contractors on complex engineering projects and to obtain adherence to plans and specifications; coordinate and effectively manage resources dedicated to a number of on-going projects; communicate and express ideas effectively, orally and in writing, including public speaking; give accurate and factual testimony at hearings or trials.


Skill in the use and care of instruments, equipment, and software used in the area of specialization.




Resume and other documents must be attached together in the ‘Resume Upload’ section of the application.  Multiple files are allowed, but all applicant attachments must be uploaded simultaneously, as there is no way to edit or append uploaded materials after submitting the application.


Application Review (Pass/ Fail) – An online application is required.  Attaching a resume does not substitute for a completed application; incomplete applications will not pass the application review.  Candidates deemed most qualified will be invited to participate in the remainder of the selection process.


Practical Exam (Pass/Fail) – This recruitment may require a practical exam which will be job related and may include, but not limited to, the qualifications outlined in the job announcement.  Candidates deemed most qualified will be invited to participate in the remainder of the selection process.


Oral Interview – The interview will be job related and may include, not limited to, the qualifications outlined in the job announcement.  Top candidate(s) will continue in the process.


Employment references will be conducted for the final candidates and may include verification of education.


It is general policy of the County that new employees should be hired at the lower steps of the applicable range and advance through the range at the normal progression.



Examples of Duties
Key Tasks (Engineer in Development Engineering)

Review a wide range of private development applications for compliance with county codes, policies and development standards, as set forth in adopted ordinances, and state and federal regulation.
Review plans, specifications, and reports to ensure compliance with county design and construction standards related to stormwater, transportation, and critical areas.
Review and interpret trip generation information, traffic models and other supporting data.
Communicate code requirements orally and in writing to applicants, property owners, and interested citizens.
Work with County team to negotiate design modifications to development applications within defined parameters and in collaboration with supervisor and peers.
Work actively with applicants, the public, and other county staff to problem solve and arrive at creative solutions that are technically sound, and respond to specific issues of the site and proposed project.
Investigate complaints; recommend corrective action, as necessary, to resolve complaints.
Make recommendations on code interpretations and procedural matters.
Coordinate development proposals with the County Capital Improvement Projects.
Represent Development Engineering at public hearings on proposed developments and on various committees.
Assists the public by answering questions and making referrals relative to a variety of Development Engineering issues.
Other Tasks (Engineer in Public Works)

Develops, or provides direction and coordination of the development of construction design plans and specifications for complex engineering projects involving road, bridge and drainage control structures; sewage collection and treatment facilities; water quality, traffic signal, and transportation systems.  Certifies with Professional Engineer’s seal and signature that engineering designs conform with accepted professional engineering standards and practices and the requirements of law.
Inspects proposed highway routes, bridge and other structure placements and recommends final route or placement to achieve efficient, economical design as to grade, curves, cross‑section, soils excavation problems, transportation, maintenance, drainage features, etc.  Develops detailed final cost estimates and financing proposals for project implementation.
Conducts in‑depth studies and analyses on the effectiveness of current Public Works policies/comprehensive plans, suitability of existing structural facilities, feasibility of proposed designs and design concepts, etc.  Interprets results and makes recommendations regarding comprehensive plans, designs, and Public Works improvement projects.
Utilizes the computer as an aid in analyzing and developing solutions to engineering problems.
Prepares construction reports for matching funds and cooperative contracts with Federal, state and city governments.  Reviews design plans and specifications for conformance to job requirements.  Prepares, develops and checks complex specialized contract provisions and design agreements.  Conducts pre‑bid and pre‑construction conferences detailing principle construction features and agreements.
Coordinates with other sections and departments on issues related to grant and contract administration.
Coordinates with Planning and Permit staff in the review of development plans for sewer and storm drainage; residential and commercial street development; and profiles of short‑plats and sub‑divisions to ensure compliance with County standards and policies.  With input from the divisions of Transportation, Design and Maintenance, makes recommendations regarding changes necessary for achieving compliance.  Represents Public Works at public hearings on proposed developments.
Performs inspections of construction projects.  Ensures that all phases of several road projects proceed on schedule and that specifications are met by contractors, utilities and other organizations involved in projects.  Reviews progress reports and authorizes payments.
Directs investigations and develops resolutions of claims and complaints from contractors or property owners.  Maintains office records of design, construction and other engineering activities, as required by County, State, and Federal regulations.
Coordinates with the Survey Section Supervisor/County Surveyor to ensure accurate, complete and quality field survey data is collected and that information is acquired in a cost‑effective, efficient manner.  Directs the preparation of, and prepares, more complex property descriptions.
Requests and monitors material quality control review, sampling and   analysis; preparation of soil profiles (testing and sampling) in connection with highway location and construction design;  evaluation of new materials, construction materials, new test equipment and related activities.  Ensures record files relative to sampling and testing are complete and accurate.
Prepares, and provides direction in the preparation of, resolutions and documents for developments and Local Improvement Districts.  Represents Public Works at public hearings; conducts and certifies elections and petitions for the formation of a Local Improvement District as necessary.  Develops right-of-way data, information  pamphlets, and procedural manuals.  Works with the Prosecuting Attorney in preparation of bond sales for Local Improvement District financing.  Recommends alternative financing methods as may be possible.
Develops and maintains effective relations with the public.  Represents Public Works on various committees; at neighborhood  organization and community meetings; public hearings; before governmental bodies and in legal processes.
Prepares complex technical engineering and administrative reports and develops critical correspondence and comprehensive reports in support of engineering projects and decisions.
Participates in the development, implementation and review of ongoing programs and existing methods ‑ assessing job effectiveness and cost efficiencies.
Participates in the formulation and updating of goals and objectives consistent with the mission of the Department
Performs other related duties as assigned.

Salary Grade
Local 17 Engineers.110 – Local 17 Engineers.113


Salary Range
$36.92 – $56.48- per hour

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