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Mason County Civil Service Commission

Establishment of Continuous Eligibility List
Job Title: Evidence Technician                                                        Department: Mason County Sheriff’s Office                                                                                                                                     Reports To: Division Chief                                                                                                                  Monthly Salary: $3714 – $4670

Opening Date: March 9, 2023                                                                                 Close Date: March 24, 2023


Employee/Dependent Medical, Dental, and Vision, Basic Life Insurance and AD&D ~ Washington PERS ~ Optional Deferred Compensation Plans ~ 12 Paid Holidays ~ 2 Paid Personal Holidays ~ 12 Vacation Days ~ 96 Hours of Sick Leave


Maintain, under supervision of the Chief of the Detectives Division, the Evidence Section in the collection, preservation, transmittal, security, integrity and release of evidentiary and property items.


EXAMPLE OF DUTIES   (duties include but are not limited to the following)

Remove all property/evidence from the temporary storage areas and assign it a permanent storage place, in order to maintain the proper chain of evidence. Maintain accurate records of the storage location of all property/evidence so it is readily available to the courts or investigators. After the conclusion of the court process and when the property/evidence is released by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, it is returned to its rightful owner and/or disposed in accordance with RCW statutes. Assist with evidence collection/transport off-site when directed in an on-call environment (i.e. in conjunction with a search warrant and/or major case investigation.) This position may be exposed to graphic detailed information, photographs and materials related to criminal cases. Prepare for sale, trade, retention, or disposal any property that cannot be returned to its rightful owner in accordance with RCW and document properly. Manage the impound facility; escort all non-evidence personnel and citizens into the secure area of the impound facility during search warrants, vehicle releases, maintenance, or other necessary reasons for access. Operates standard equipment such as vehicles, computers, copy machines, scanners, and telephones; operates other equipment such as radios, cameras, and alarm systems. Maintains and operates the Evidence Drying Cabinet; ensures the cabinet is sanitized and the filters are updated appropriately for use at all times when not currently in operation; able to perform cleaning of cabinet and hanging of potentially bio-hazardous evidence items while wearing appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including a particle mask, safety glasses, gown or disposable jumpsuit, and gloves. Functions as the primary operator of the cabinet and may be called after-hours to process wet, potentially bio-hazardous items. Maintains a log of use of the cabinet including usage and maintenance. Manages emptying, tracking, and disposal of the contents of Unwanted Drug Collection Receptacles located at the North Mason Regional Fire Authority Fire Station #21 and the Mason County Sheriff’s Office Shelton. Arranges for disposal of unwanted or purged ammunition and fireworks (commercially produced only) to the Washington State Patrol Bomb Squad. Arranges for proper storage and disposal of all bio-hazardous waste discarded at the Sheriff’s Office North and South Precincts. Takes photographs of various evidence items as required. Conducts background checks for firearms/Concealed Pistol License returns including retrieving information from various government databases in a timely manner per RCW.  Maintain ACCESS certification and required confidentiality requirements. Utilizes various databases to research and determine ownership and contact information for owners of property and evidence available for release. Work closely with deputies, records personnel, the court system, and the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to monitor the status of cases to determine what property/evidence can be disposed of without jeopardizing any action or due process of law. Work closely with crime labs by submitting evidence for testing and, after the testing is completed, take custody of the evidence, in order to maintain the proper chain of evidence. Care for and maintain, in a clean, orderly fashion, all property and evidence facilities and physical and digital evidence/property records and see that they are properly secured to maintain the chain of evidence. Care for and maintain a digital evidence system.  Work with the Records Department to ensure the digital evidence retention is met.  Work with the Records Department to ensure the Public Disclosure Laws are met for requests for digital evidence. Testify in court as to the proper chain of custody. Produce and update periodically procedures and training manuals for Evidence Section. Advise agency personnel on policies/procedures for packaging, documenting, and submitting evidence/property materials for storage and integrity. Provide departmental personnel with appropriate packaging supplies. This position maintains most current packaging and documentation standards acceptable within law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Compile statistics as requested. Enter, update, and search data in various modules of the Sheriff’s Office RMS (Records Management System.) Respond to public and member inquiries by telephone, in person, and via email.



Ability to speak, read, and write the English language. Ability to follow oral and written instruction. Ability to understand and interpret procedures and regulations. Ability to operate standard equipment. Ability to operate other equipment as related to the Sheriff’s Office Evidence section including the Evidence Drying Cabinet, radios, rolling jacks, security alarms, and cameras. Ability to communicate effectively with people regardless of age, sex, including persons with diminished social or behavioral capacities. Ability to maintain accurate and orderly records. Ability to perform strenuous physical tasks, such as dismantling equipment and lifting heavy items Ability to work independently including prioritizing work duties to accommodate legal requirements and agency policies.  Ability to function effectively in stressful or pressure situations. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other government agencies, other employees and the public. Ability to read, interpret, and categorize data rapidly and accurately. Ability to become ACCESS certified and maintain appropriate confidentiality requirements. Ability to deal with graphic language, report material, photos, video, or events. Ability to work with computers and different technologies.



MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS (Any equivalent combination of education and experience, which provides the applicant with the knowledge, skills, and abilities, required to perform the job)

Must be at least 21 years of age at time of appointment. Acceptable scores on Civil Service examinations. Ability to pass a background investigation which includes a polygraph exam and/or behavioral assessments. Ability to legally possess a firearm. Pursuant to RCW 41.14.100, must be a U.S. citizen and be able to read and write the English language. Must possess a high school diploma or GED. AA degree in criminal justice is preferable, but not mandatory.  Must possess a valid Washington State Driver’s License.


TO APPLY  Civil Service application packet can be downloaded from the website at: or by picking up an application at the Mason County Human Resources Office at 423 N. 5th Street, Shelton, WA. Applications can be mailed to 411 N. 5th Street, Shelton, WA 98584 or emailed to or faxed to 360-427-8439.




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