Thurston County Sheriff’s Office

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The Sheriff’s Office provides a wide range of public safety services to the citizens of Thurston County.

The vision of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office is that we are committed to excellence through pride, professionalism, and accountability in order to provide dedicated public service to our community.

Our mission is: In partnership with our community, we are committed to protecting life, property, and individual rights while providing professional and ethical services to our citizens.

Our core values are:

Character:     The qualities of moral strength and stability.

Integrity:       That moral defense against corrupting influence.

Knowledge:   Knowing the facts and laws combined with the awareness and understanding that sustain us through our daily lives.

Judgement:   The ability to apply knowledge and wisdom to the best advantage of all concerned.

Honor:           The highest esteem for the principles upon which the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office has been built.

Loyalty:          Faithfulness to the people we serve and our fellow members of the agency.

Courtesy:       Respect for law and order and all people.


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