Job Description

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By statute the clerk represents the public in all court proceedings by appointing deputy court clerks to take accurate and complete minutes, administer oaths, manage exhibits, and draw and maintain jury panels.

The Clerk’s office serves in the center of court activity, managing a large volume of daily contact with the public, businesses, attorneys, and judges. Accuracy and efficiency are synonymous with office responsibilities to avoid liability to the county.

The Clerk’s office is charged with reliably and exactly ensuring compliance with Washington State Laws, General & Civil Procedure, Superior Court Local Court Rules and legislative changes affecting the Superior Court and Clerk’s Office policy & procedures. A Deputy Clerk Lead provides for the management and processing of Superior Court records, such that a permanent and accessible record is maintained for use by the Court, other County agencies and the public. Preserves and protects the interests and purposes of the Court in the reliable, efficient and timely execution of Court directives including but not limited to warrants, judgments, writs, titles, and oaths.

Furthermore, the office protects the legal interests of the County through identification and interpretation of documents of every type and nature and processing of the same. Works closely with judges, County agencies and members of the bar. Responsible for implementation of new technology.


– The entry salary range upon hire for Deputy Clerk I is between $22.07 – $23.64 per hour, depending on qualification.

– The entry salary range upon hire for Deputy Clerk II is between $23.64 – $25.32 per hour depending on qualifications.

– Progressive increases are based upon years of service with Skagit County, up to step 8 (top step For Deputy Clerk I is $28.10/hr.; top step for Deputy Clerk II is $30.11/hr.). The Deputy Clerk I / II are Ranges 9/10 of the District Court, Courthouse & Parks Teamsters Union salary schedule.



Deputy Clerk I

Sets up all new cases and events all court documents and pleadings.

Prepares and issues high liability documents such as arrest and bench warrants, writs, judgments, commitments, protection orders, letters testamentary and letters of guardianship.

Prepares and distributes court calendars. Manages digital records so that all files have appropriate documentation and are ready for court review.

Works closely with all county offices and multiple state agencies to facilitate access to court processes and documents.

Creates account receivables for juvenile and adult criminal offenders to pay restitution and court costs.

Prepares court abstracts and felony conviction notices and sends to Department of Licensing and to the DOL Firearms Unit.

Receipts monies taken into the Clerk’s Office for fines, bail, penalty assessments and fees according to established court procedures. Processes end of day reports and balances those funds.

Responsible for tracking and maintaining a record of inquiries/copy requests by citizens and other departments. Conducts court records searches as requested.

Provides efficient and prompt customer service at the counter and over the phone to include status of cases, information to defendants, litigants, general public, media, attorneys, and our law and justice partners, regarding court process, forms and rules.

Processes Protection Orders, including but not limited to, certifying and distributing Domestic Violence protection orders in criminal cases to law enforcement agencies, prosecuting attorneys, public defenders, Sheriff and 911 Center.

Monitors cases for dismissal, prepares dismissal notices and monitors case disposition for compliance with Court orders.

Knowledge of local court rules, legal procedures and terminology, as well as stay current with legislative changes affecting Superior Court records is critical.


Deputy Clerk II:

In addition to Deputy Clerk I functions, the Deputy Clerk II is trained in all aspects of standard courtroom protocol including demeanor, minutes, exhibits, depositions and courtroom procedure. Including motion calendars, bench and jury trials in all case categories including criminal, civil, domestic, estates, guardianships, mental health, dependency and juvenile offender.

Proficient understanding of RCW 36.23.070 and Civil Rule 79 relating to the security and custody of trial exhibit protocols. Including numbering/marking, handling of high risk or contaminated exhibits, preparing the exhibit list, handling sealed exhibits, storage, substitution and destruction.

CR 80.1 ensures the Court maintain an audio recording of every court hearing. The courtroom clerk is responsible for running and storing all audio recordings on behalf of the court.

Calls to order and adjourns Court; maintains order, decorum and judicial process in the courtroom and over telephone hearings in absence of Judicial Assistant.

Protects the community by processing high-liability documents such as arrest warrants, search warrants, and protection orders. Selects, prepares, issues, and enters various warrants and/or protection orders into the Superior Court Statewide computer database, Odyssey. Sends out necessary documents to Law Enforcement for entry and process in a timely manner.

Assists in the developing indexing and procedural manuals for in-house use.

Assists co-workers with complex matters.

Develops, recommends, and implements technical procedures and policies for Deputy Clerks and drafts in-house forms, documents and court orders for approval by the Court in coordination with the Chief Deputy.

Answers and resolves unique questions and situations.

Processes accounting set-ups, adds new cases, and issues summonses.

Collects and processes criminal, civil, domestic and guardianship court costs, collections and settlements.

Serves as an Acceptance Agent for passports for the Department of State. Agents must meet strict requirements and attend rigorous annual training to participate in this important first step in maintaining national security.






May be tasked with performing related duties as assigned that may not be specifically listed in the position description but are within the general occupational series and responsibility level typically associated with the employee’s classification of work.


***NOTE*** To be considered for this position, please apply at the Skagit County Job Opportunity site:



Associates Degree in criminal justice, paralegal studies or related field or two years of progressively responsible office experience in a court or legal environment with customer service training may substitute for the above requirements.

With the approval of the County Clerk, an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties.


Deputy Clerk I

Associates Degree with two or more years of progressively responsible office experience in a court or legal environment. See Essential Functions above.


Deputy Clerk II

Associates Degree with three or more years of progressively responsible office experience in a court or legal environment. See Essential Functions above.


Requires knowledge of:

Money handling procedures as recommended by the State Auditor’s Office.
Computerized cashiering receipt system.
Basic bookkeeping and mathematics.
Standard clerical and office procedures including grammar, spelling, punctuation.
Operation of standard office equipment such as printers, fax machines, copiers, calculators, microfilm, typewriter, computer, and scanner.
Microsoft Windows and Office applications.

Preferred knowledge of:

State laws
General and Civil rule procedures
Rules of Appeal
Superior Court Local Court Rules and procedures
Researching and keeping up to date with legislative changes affecting the Clerk’s Office and the Superior Court
The functions and operations of the Superior Court, court proceedings, and legal terminology.
Docketing, document retrieval and accounting procedures.
Odyssey Case Management System, Granicus, Laserfiche, SCOMIS, JABS & AV Capture.
Criminal, Civil, Domestic, Guardianship, Estate, Dependency, Juvenile Offender and Mental Health Laws.


Requires the ability to:

Apply good judgment, creativity and logical thinking.
Follow verbal and written instructions.
Exercise good judgment as to when to act independently and when to refer situations to higher authority.
Maintain honesty, integrity and impartiality.
Handle confidential or privileged information.
Communicate effectively and tactfully both verbally and in writing.
Be accountable, accurate, organized, flexible and intuitive.
Work with the general public, other departments and agencies.
Use various office machines and equipment.
Exercise sound judgment and decision making.


Deputy Clerk II Requirements:

Proficient in preferred knowledge for Deputy Clerk I
Work effectively in a multi-task environment.
Prioritize work with minimal supervision
Read, interpret, and apply laws, rules, codes and procedures governing case processing and/or courtroom procedures.
Docket case information accurately
Work under pressure.


Licenses and/or Certifications:

Valid Washington State driver’s license.

Job Overview